About Bradley Smoker

Founded by Wade Bradley, the Bradley Smoker prides itself on providing the purest smoke and highest quality smokers to lovers of good food. Bradley Smokers aren’t the first and won’t be the last, but they are loved the world over. The brand's range of electric smokers are designed to deliver the best tasting food, without the need for constant monitoring. 

As a brand, Bradley Smoker offers unmatched quality, simplicity and consistency. Since the 70s, the technology adopted by Bradley Smoker is tried and true ,and continues to innovate.

The team at Bradley Smoker simply love what they do.

Brand Mission

The team at Bradley Smoker have worked to offer everyone the best smoke flavours, possible with the convenience of automatic feeding bisquettes. Their bisquettes range offers an incredible flavours, one to suit every type of food, from seafood, game through to vegetables and desserts.

Their vision is to be the company everyone goes to for a reliable smoker, and where people can discover the beautiful taste of smoked food without having to do the work that some smokers require.

Simple, set & forget so that you can spend more time with family and friends.

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Years of Experience

From day one to everything that's come, we're always improving what we do.


Smokers Sold

From smokers who love the outdoors to home chefs, Bradley Smoker is truly an international brand.

Nothing beats bringing people together over a deliciously smoked meal.

Nothing beats bringing people together over a deliciously smoked meal.


Smoking is easy. Smoke says that something beautiful is in the air. The Bradley Smoker is a whole new generation of food smokers. Your food nurtured slowly over time by a method thats timeless.


Are you craving apple smoke or needing a savoury hint of maple wood? Every great smoke taste lies in the smoking bisquettes. Made from 100% natural ingredients.


Need a cold smoke adaptor for that smoked salmon recipe? Some extra racks so you can smoke more at once? Everything is here to round out your smoking experience like a pro. 

Great Smoker!

Have had this Smoker for two weeks now and prepared two Turkeys and a Brisket. Excellent results! Next up is a Pastrami and I can't wait. I highly recommend this Smoker!

Hugh R.

P10- LOVE IT!!

So far, I have been amazed with what a great job this smoker does. I had a digital Bradley smoker before. Easy to use. Incredible smoke flavour!

Robert S.

Bradley Original

Excellent smoker, have used 6 times already. Heat up to desired temperature and load what I’m smoking then go do other things.

Thomas F.


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