Green Mountain Grills

Discover the future of grilling with Green Mountain Grills, where passion meets innovation. What started as a love affair with grilling using wood pellets, led us to create our own pellet grills. We couldn't find the perfect one, so we made it ourselves, founding our company on that very principle! Now, we bring you complete control at your fingertips. With our advanced technology, you can effortlessly monitor and control your grill from the comfort of your couch via your home WiFi network or even while you're on the move with our user-friendly server mode. Stay connected, wherever you are. Green Mountain Grills is not just a grill; it's a lifestyle upgrade that lets you enjoy grilling in the 21st century.

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Kiln-dried sawdust

Pellets from Green Mountain Grills are made from 100% Kiln-Dried Sawdust that never touches the floor.


Total hours grilled

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