Daniel Barrett from Big Smoke BBQ & Four Monkey’s BBQ

Daniel Barrett from Big Smoke BBQ & Four Monkey’s BBQ

If you’re into BBQ and haven't caught wind of Daniel Barrett from Big Smoke BBQ & Four Monkey’s BBQ, you're seriously missing out on some serious grilling greatness. This guy's been rocking the BBQ world, especially the Australian Steak Cookoff Association's (SCA) Steak category, not just once, but two years in a row! After multiple first place proteins and multiple grand championships, Dan has had one hell of a year.

A year packed with travel, grill action, and intense competition across three countries, Australia, America & New Zealannd. In the midst of all the BBQ buzz, Daniel pulled off some seriously impressive stuff against some worthy competitors and did Australia proud taking home titles like 'Rib King' and a perfect score to take home 1st place in Beef at Smokin In The Downs. 

If you haven’t sprinkled your steak with Four Monkey’s Homebase Rub, you’re missing out on some magic. Seriously, this rub is the game-changer you didn’t know you needed. Four Monkey’s Homebase Rub isn't just some seasoning; it’s the secret behind Daniel Barrett's success. It’s got this amazing blend of spices and herbs that bring out the best in your meat, turning each bite into a flavour party.

Don’t snooze on this – Trust us, your grill’s gonna thank you for it.


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