Founded in 2015 by Ted Conrad and Steven Biggeman in Kansas City, the barbecue capital itself, FireBoard is the thermometer brand synonymous with digital innovation and excellence.

Crafted entirely in the USA, the FireBoard range of premium digital... Read More


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FireBoard Spark Instant Read ProbeFireBoard Spark Instant Read Probe
FireBoard 2FireBoard 2

FireBoard 2

Sale price$360.00
FireBoard 2 DriveFireBoard 2 Drive

FireBoard 2 Drive

Sale price$470.00
FireBoard 2 ProFireBoard 2 Pro

FireBoard 2 Pro

Sale price$600.00
FireBoard Battery PackFireBoard Battery Pack

FireBoard Battery Pack

Sale price$60.00
FireBoard Drive BlowerFireBoard Drive Blower

FireBoard Drive Blower

Sale price$140.00
FireBoard Drive Fan Control CableFireBoard Drive Fan Control Cable
FireBoard Drie Nozzle AdapterFireBoard Drie Nozzle Adapter
FireBoard Probe PouchFireBoard Probe Pouch

FireBoard Probe Pouch

Sale price$50.00
FireBoard Magnetic BaseFireBoard Magnetic Base

FireBoard Magnetic Base

Sale price$55.00
FireBoard Ball Valve AdapterFireBoard Ball Valve Adapter
FireBoard Extreme Probe Pack

FireBoard Extreme Probe Pack

Sale price$130.00
FireBoard Competition Series Probe PackFireBoard Competition Series Probe Pack
FireBoard Competition Series Short Food Probe
FireBoard Competition Series Food Probe
Sold out
FireBoard Food Probe Thermistor
FireBoard Ambient Probe Thermistor
FireBoard Pro Series Food Probe
FireBoard Pro Series Ambient Probe
FireBoard Grill Clip

FireBoard Grill Clip

Sale price$7.00

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