Meat Alana - The Latest Team Hark Member

Meat Alana - The Latest Team Hark Member

Alana Alderson from Alder Grills is a backyard bbq enthusiast with a real flare and passion for outdoor cooking, right here in Australia! A lover of all things grill, roast, smoke & bake, which made her a great fit here at Team Hark. 

Check out all of Alana’s great work in her socials below and watch out for more great food and recipes from Alana very soon, but in the meantime we asked Alana the burning questions so you don't have to:

What do you love about BBQ?
There's many reasons I love BBQ, and it goes way beyond the mouthwatering dishes. It's about the moments that unfold around the grill, the laughter shared, the memories made and the stories woven into each meal.

Cooking on a BBQ isn't just a culinary adventure, it's a journey that connects us to our roots, our loved ones, and the simple joys of life. BBQ IS a way to slow down time in a world that's always rushing forward and cherishing the process just as much as the end result. I feel invigorated by the way the flames kiss the food, the scent of smoky wood in the air – it's a sensory symphony that speaks to our primal instincts and brings us closer together. 

What makes up your ultimate BBQ plate?

Imagine sinking your teeth into melt-in-your-mouth beef ribs, marinating in love and spices for hours. The aroma alone will transport you to a world where time slows down and every bite is an escape. And don't even get me started on the pork ribs – tender, smoky, and kissed by flames, they're like a love letter to your senses.

As you take in the explosion of flavors, remember that my ultimate BBQ plate is more than just food – it's an experience.

How long have you been cooking?
Being a foodie, I have always enjoyed cooking. I love to experiment with new techniques using different methods, which led me to falling in love with BBQ. I have been learning all things BBQ since the start of 2022.




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